Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Favourites ¦ July 2014

*Insert here compulsory ramble about how quickly the month has gone* But for real, where has this month gone?! I actually had to look at the calendar when I saw people uploading their July favourites. As I'm writing this (28th) it is officially a month until my 19th birthday which is just crazy. I honestly do not know where the year has gone. But you don't wanna be hearing about that, let's get on with my favourites!

1/ Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash

I've had this tube for the longest time and I have a sort of love-hate relationship with Neutrogena skin care. I find it's very much targeted towards the more acne-prone people aka teenagers/pre-teens. But, like everyone else, I get pretty gnarley breakouts and this month they seem to have congregated around my chin/jaw. I resorted to this (and one other product) to help reduce them and it really worked. It also helped my pores appear smaller by unclogging them a lil bit. It's a gel formula with tiny exfoliating beads in which really work at getting in there and cleaning out your skin.

2/ No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm

Not really much to say about this because I talk about this pretty much every week in a blog post but I'm still loving it. It cleans my skin and purifies it without stripping it. It hasn't made anything worse and I've been loving how nice and clean I feel after using it. Full review can be found here.

3/ Rimmel Glam Eyes Day To Night 

I didn't really get on with this mascara when I first got it but I've let it dry out a bit, tried it again and I'm loving it. I think the formula to begin with is a bit too wet for my lashes so it weighs them down a bit but now it's of a different consistency it really works at lengthening my lashes and adding volume. It's a two step system; step 1 adds length and step 2 adds volume. I'd agree with that, it's pretty good stuff.

4/ Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask

This is part 2 of what's really been helping my breakouts at the moment. This is quite an intense clay based mask that really gets to work at drawing out all the impurities and unclogging pores. I went through a stage of using this everyday and actually burnt my skin as such I fell out of love with it for a little while. But now I use it probably once a month just to draw everything out. I can't use it once a week because it would be too intense for my dry skin but by using it once a month I really notice a difference in my skin. I just have to be sure to moisturise really well after.

5/ Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer

I talked about this in my Concealer Diary post that was up the other day and I really love this stuff. You have to work slow with it, build it up in thin layers but it's really quite lovely. It comes off a little orange to begin with but soon adapts to the colour of my skin tone which is pretty nifty. Don't want no orange patches on my face! It does crease a little bit under the eyes but nothing to write home about.

6/ Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur

In depth review of this product here. But I truly am having a love affair with this little guy. It's just so smooth, so velvety and really disguises my pores. Even if you don't have enlarged pores and just want a good primer, try it! This stuff is ace.

Sorry this post is kinda rushed I wasn't really feeling it today. Hence why each review is a little sparse, but I have linked you through to more detailed reviews if I've done them. What are your favourite products of the month?

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