Thursday, 28 August 2014

Warm/Autumnal Make-Up Tutorial ¦ Video

Another video? Who knew?! Turns out I actually like this filming malarkey! I tried to do a tutorial but it has been AGES since I've played around with eye shadows. I'm not totally confident with how it turned out but it's not too shabby and you get the basic jist of it. I am still experimenting with set-up and how exactly to film, and what style I like. I'm thinking of trying to do more "vloggy" type videos, but I waffle and I'm just not sure my i-Phone has the patience to keep up with that let alone you guys. Anyway, I created here just a twist on a brown smokey eye. The twist is that this has an orangey shimmer shade as the base that then fades into matte shadows. I then paired it with a off-nude lip. I say off-nude because it is nude but its a slightly darker nude then I would normally wear. Hope you enjoy it! xoxo

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