Sunday, 27 July 2014

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A couple of months ago now I did some make-up for a close friend, Becca, as part of her photography project. This was all based around dreams and documents she had collected about peoples dreams. It's a very creepy project but right up my ally! She asked me and I volunteered to work as a make-up artist on this shoot, this was my first time working with someone and I was so excited. I found it quite hard to work on the model as he wasn't actually a "model" so wasn't used to someone poking his eyeball with an eyeliner! I joke of course, if you're poking peoples eyeballs with an eye-liner you shouldn't be doing make-up.

The make-up was nowhere near to how I wanted it but it took a little longer than any of us had anticipated just because I had to make some alterations to what I had envisioned. The day before I practised on myself and you can see that picture just above and that took me about an hour. The logistics of it were crazy; I had to figure out where the cheekbones would go, how to hollow out the eye and where to place the teeth. But it was all worth it in the end and the pictures look insane (thanks to Becca's photography ;)) You can check Becca out here: Rebecca Elisha Miller Photography

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