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The Make-Up ¦ Concealer Diaries

Concealer is such a guilty pleasure for me. Whenever I enter a Boots or a Superdrug I immediately go to the concealer and swatch to my hearts content! I think concealer is kind of overlooked quite a lot in the beauty industry, it really is an amazing product. When done well a concealer can highlight, prime your eyes, cover dark circles, cover blemishes, contour, shade and you could even use it to cover up marks on your body. I know foundation is "go-to product" in the blogging world but for me it's concealer. It's a real winner. So I thought I would give you a run down on all the concealers I own. I don't own too many (I wittled down my stash a few days ago but sssh) but I do have a variety and I think a collection similar to this would more than see you through.

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer - Rating: 8/10

Kind of a staple within the beauty world now, this concealer CAN be pretty awesome stuff. I say can because it can easily become super cakey. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this little guy but after experimenting with it for a while I've found a way to use it that works for me. I use the tiniest amount and blend it out a lot. It's super pigmented so covers quite well but like I said it dries down to quite a matte finish so it has a tendency to go cakey. Good, but not goof-proof. They also have a nice colour selection, I say nice because it caters to all us pal gals out there but as far as I'm aware it doesn't have any offerings for the beautiful darker complexions.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - Rating: 6/10

Bloggers seem to go pretty mad for this one and I'm not really sure why. Yes, it's an okay concealer. In the summer I can make it work. But there is little to no colour there, the formula is quite patchy and the shade range is poor. I have the palest shade and it leaves this orange hue to my skin. I think if it came with a better colour selection then I'd dig it for under my eyes but I've got cheaper concealers that do a far better job than this. However if you have a darker skin tone to me you could always try it as a highlighter? Experiment.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream - Rating: 6/10

This is a fairly new release from Bourjois, it comes within their '123 Perfect' range. Y'all know I love the CC Cream within this line but I kinda feel this product is a bit of a dud. The applicator is a bit of a hit/miss within the blogging world but I like it. It's super hygienic and really refeshing from the typical doe foot applicators you see. But it can get clogged if you don't clean it properly. The formula is quite weird as it's almost like a gel based concealer, this feels quite refreshing when applied, but it doesn't really cover too well. I mean there is coverage there and it's a lot better than the Rimmel one above but it's just not worth the price tag in my opinion. To put it simply, it's good for a drugstore concealer but not good enough for what you'd expect from Bourjois.

NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer - Rating: 5/10

Didn't expect much from this, if I'm totally honest. I just put it in my online basket just to try and it and see if it was worth anything. It's okay. If you have oily skin I think you'll like this. Just because it's very easy to blend, works very well with your natural oils and sets down to quite a matte finish. You do have to set it with a powder because it does, or at least it did on my skin, move around a little bit. It has this brightening effect when placed underneath the eyes which I enjoyed but it creased like a b****! I like to put something on and know it isn't going to move, I'm not about the whole "running to the mirror every 5 minutes to check my make-up" life. I have dry skin so it soaked up this product a little bit. It just didn't like my skin.

Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer - Rating: 7/10

As old school as this concealer is, I really like it! It was my concealer for my Summer Ball and it did not budge! I applied it under my eyes, on blemishes and on some general redness and it was great. It actually has a little green circle that is surrounded by the concealer which is an interesting concept I had never seen before. Apparently the green is supposed to help heal the blemish as well as cover, I don't know too much about that but it covered it nicely. And the green pigment helped to disguise the redness. It's around £4.99 so it's really cheap and it works. What more could you ask for? If you're super dry I wouldn't use this all over your face just because it is more of a drier consistency.

Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer - Rating: 4/10

I really do not like this product! I love Collection as a brand but I don't like this concealer. There's no coverage, it's too dark, the colour is quite weird and it's quite drying. This just seemed to disappear on my skin tone but was still there if that makes sense? I don't know how to describe this product, it's just weird! I did like it but I think my skin has changed because it doesn't sit right. It's very pink based which just accentuates the pink in my skin, it has a creamy texture to apply but it dries up on the skin. I don't find myself reaching for this product at all but I know plenty of people who love it so give it a try! You never know, it might just be me.

Rimmel Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer- Rating: 8/10

This is my favourite concealer at the moment! It's gorgeous. I bought this on a wim way back at the beginning of May because I remember Fleur (fleurdeforce) talking about this years ago. It's part of the Match Perfection Range and I really love the foundation so I thought why not? It comes in a squeezy tube with a brush applicator on the end. It's super weird and you do have to experiment with it so you get hang of how to use it. But when you figure it out it's so nice. It covers so well, I use this over my blemishes and my dark circles and it's great at cancelling everything out. I have the lightest shade and it's a tad too dark but it sort of adapts to my skin tone? (very weird, much science) So when it settles in it's the exact same colour as my skin tone. It's so buildable, you can build it up, thin layer by thin layer to get your desired coverage, and it stays put. J'adore!

My collection is far from the biggest but it's nice and I like it. Although I don't like everything, I do have a productive way to use everything. What's your favourite concealer?

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